• 10 Tips to Avoid Cliché s in communications

    10 Tips to Avoid Cliché s in communications It’s not adequate to love each of our story ideas.

    Catchy Titles

    Books which comprise negative influences need to be eschewed. Reading a growing number of books can in fact assist in improving the writing abilities. Studying many a few sorts of novels and publications is among the best and most effective strategies of fostering your writing abilities. The books ought to be rush essay read based […]

    Thesis Composing – a Brief Summary

    Analyze looking for a person to write my exploration. Must you will need dissertation guide, you’ve visit the correct location! In such cases you’ll be interested in an authority who isn’t only very good about them but an excellent thesis article author. The really important component that you want to do can be to look […]

    Rewrite My Paper for Me – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

    How to Get Started with Rewrite My Paper for Me? If you’re in the internet area and on the lookout for a chance to earn from this subject then it’s very difficult because of high competition for these opportunities. My experience is merely mine, also. Massive action is little and consistent efforts for a long […]

    Thesis Composing – a Brief Summary

    Analyze looking for a person to write my exploration. Must you will need dissertation guide, you’ve visit the correct location! In such cases you’ll be interested in an authority who isn’t only very good about them but an excellent thesis article author. The really important component that you want to do can be to look […]

    Rewrite My Paper for Me – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

    How to Get Started with Rewrite My Paper for Me? If you’re in the internet area and on the lookout for a chance to earn from this subject then it’s very difficult because of high competition for these opportunities. My experience is merely mine, also. Massive action is little and consistent efforts for a long […]

    Concrete realities, Creation and Cite It 4 Me

    The important thing to Productive Cite It 4 Me The data will help your reader fully understand the essence for the occupation underneath investigation. You will not at any time capture up with modifications as sixth version was introduced consequently significantly. Consist of just as much descriptive info as essential to assist viewers recognize the […]

    The Trick to Competent Advanced schooling Essay

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    Getting the Best Evolutionary Biology

    Using Evolutionary Biology With the majority of phone calendars there’s the possibility to set reminders about upcoming events. The order consists of two suborders. Though a student may leave a textbook or spiral notebook in a course and forget about it, odds are they won’t leave their mobile phone. Never mind it will become around. […]

    What Does Article Analysis Example Mean?

    It is crucial to understand who the audience is so you are able to determine how to tackle the report, while it is academic or for general readership. Following are a few of the advised sociology essay topic for those students that are unable to decide on a great topic for their assignment. Short essays […]


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    Eric Newton led tonight’s Must See Monday and he spoke on A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110. Newton began his decision speaking on how news first relayed and how it has progressed over time. It began with verbal communication then moved on to the pamphlet then the penny press then the telegraph and so on and so on forth until we arrived where we are today; digital media through the use of television, internet, etc. After this short introduction he got into the main part of discussion about what is to come. He stated that for every forty years there is a crisis along with a great awakening. Also how eventually we will move onto creating artificial intelligence and planting digital implants into people’s brains. This will all eventually lead to World War 4.0 or the battle between humans and a non-human power. Overall I found his lecture to quite interesting especially when he stated that the products we have to today have been predicted before so the products of the future will eventually come to pass.

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    This was a very exciting and promising Must See Monday, looking forward at what Journalism can and will soon be. Eric Newton gave a fascinating look at the potential of our industry. I’m a big tech fan, so the idea of having “NewsBots” delivering news and getting chips implanted is captivating. It’s a bit far-fetched, but, as Mr. Newton said, that’s what changes the world. “When thinking of the future, think crazy.” It’s thrilling to think that in the next couple years, my fellow freshmen and upperclassmen could be the minds behind unprecedented groundbreaking and innovative ideas that change the world. We’ve come such a long way in terms of progress, and most of the changes are recent. If you look back, the same medium of news delivery has been used over long periods of time, but now, it’s changing rapidly enough that new ideas are being created at unheard of rates. “Somewhere in the ocean of news is the truth, and I wish you all happy sailing.”

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    During the Must See Monday on November 14, 2011 we were able to learn about the future of journalism. Eric Newton, who is the Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, told us that the future of journalism is unknown. He spoke of the beginning and life of journalism throughout all of time, even mentioning the estimate of the very first news story, 1-2 M B.C. He also told us how mass media changed the world, with the beginning of printing books and newspapers. Journalism has gradually changed over the generations, and this is because every eighty years there is a great awakening. This means there are new thoughts and ideas being used to better journalism and media that eventually changes how it was previously done. When he spoke of the future of journalism, he helped us imagine a news story from across the world, in which the story was presented as if you were actually there watching it play out through Nano technology. He gave us several big ideas involving the future of journalism to think about because “we are only scratching the surface of the digital age”.

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    “A History of Future News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110” with Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation This was probably the most intriguing Must See Monday I’ve been to by far: it was very unique, and the theories speculated in this presentation are quite frightening to think about. In this presentation, Mr. Newton had talked about the exponential growth of technology, and how that will affect the way we pursue information and the way we work as Journalists. He talked about how much Journalism has changed in the last ten years alone, and how interconnected the world is, especially with the use of cell phones. He also mentioned how technology would take off from here: soon, technology will not just be a companion of ours, but it will develop to be a part of us. He compared this and other development to the things seen in SciFi movies, and how we already see technology from those movies used in our lives today (like Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Wireless World”, whose work included a space shuttle in it before even Sputnik was launched). Mr. Newton said to keep an eye on Science Fiction, as it may hold many ideas we will see in the future, like cyborgs and such. Personally, I believe not that SciFi predicts what our future has in store for us technology wise, but gives a challenge for inventors, to strive and make fiction into reality. If they continue to do this and continue to push the world forward in technology, I wonder what that means for the future of Journalists. Would our occupation be needed? Will the average person with these new technologies ( in the future) take on the position of Journalist, thus no longer making it an occupation? I suppose that we can only wait and find out.

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    Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation gave Cronkite students a glimpse into the future tonight. The future, as Newton described it, is one in which journalism and mass communication is constantly changing, just as it has for centuries. Newton’s future involves everything from “news bots” to “cranial implants.” Technology that currently feels at home in a science fiction movie but according to Newton the future he described “is definitely crazy so it might just happen.” In fact science fiction is exactly what Newton points to if we want a peek of what the future may have in store for us. Shows like Star Trek and The Jetsons have already demonstrated this by predicting current technology like cell phones and Skype. As members of the beginning of the digital age Newton believes we are simply “scratching the surface” of what this era has in store for us. As technology progresses so will the future of journalism. “The technology has driven the future of news,” said Newton.

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    In tonight’s Must See Mondays lecture, Eric Newton really addressed some point about how media and its connection to quality journalism. With up and coming technology advances happening everyday, people in their 20’s have the biggest effect on news media which effect the rest of the people. Eric Newton stated that journalism is a “fair, accurate, contextual search for truth that provides citizens with the information [journalists] need to run their communities and their lives.” I completely agree and when you really look into things its so interesting how so many advances are happened based on ideas from the past. Some points that I never would have brought attention to would be the examples he used about the cell phone inventor got his idea for the creation of a phone by watching Star Trek. I find that so interesting because us humans keep building off of others to create new inventions and journalists are the backbone of change for the world. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the changing new media and the emergence of mobile and social media.

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    Thomas Jefferson once famously said, “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” The significance of Jefferson’s quote extends beyond his disdain towards bureaucratic governments, but into two principles of journalism: accountability and objectivity. In the movie The Pelican Brief, this meant exposing corrupt government officials—including the president of the United States—in a cover-up that brought about the death of two Supreme Court justices and other characters. Darby Shaw, the law student whose professor was murdered (portrayed by Julia Roberts) sought out Gray Grantham a Washington news reporter (portrayed by Denzel Washington) to help unearth the injustices committed. The movie concluded with Grantham going to press with the information, and justice was held to those who committed the crimes. Thematically, The Pelican Brief exemplifies journalism principles to correctly differentiate the difference between fact and fiction, and to hold onto those convictions tightly—even when the consequences loom large.

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    The last Must See Monday event of the year was about students that were able to create projects for their digital media entrepreneurship class. I think that the projects were all interesting and creative.The four ideas were Fictionado, CityCircles, WatchTree and Blimee. The four entrepreneurs talked about launching their projects and although none of them has made any money off their ideas yet, they hope to in the future. Fictionado focused on making short stories available for mobile devices. CityCircles provides information to users on the light rail about the surrounding areas. WatchTree was designed to make volunteering in the community easier. Blimee provides news that is relevant to your location via digital signage.This topic was extremely relevant to Cronkite because as journalists we have to constantly be innovating and coming up with new ways to present information to people as the market and the global economy are changing. They talked about the importance of technology and their ideas all focused on making information easily available to users.

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    This week’s Must See Monday focused on “Communities in Crisis: Ethical Considerations for Journalists.” Ina Jaffe, a national desk correspondent for NPR West and Victor Merina, senior correspondent and special projects editor for Reznet spoke about past experiences while reporting on communities in crisis. Jaffe said her first breaking news story for NPR West was about a person who brought a gun to an elementary school yard in California and opened fire on children, killing some and injuring many. She wasn’t sure how to report on the story or how to interview children who were there. Her editor told her to not interview them. She returned to the same city a year later to interview a family whose child had died in the shooting. She said you have to have patience in crisis situations, let victims come to you. Don’t force your way into a victim’s lives. Merina spoke about covering the race riots in Los Angeles and going to the funerals of many of the victims. This allowed him to get to learn about them better by talking to their families. He agreed with Jaffe and said you should let victims come to you. You have to have patience with mourning families. The question of how do you stick to deadlines was another topic brought up. Jaffe said in crisis stories, get what you need to get in the time you have to tell the story. She said one fantastic interview is better than forcing seven people to talk to you. Merina said journalists need to have respect for the people and places you visit and write about. Show humanity, these are real people. I learned that a journalist really needs to research a community before going into it and try to write a story about it. You should also really observe the scene. Make sure you don’t get too involved with a story. You need to be enough a part of a story to write a good story, but not enough where that’s all you think about and you wallow in that stories sadness.

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    Tonight’s Must See Monday was all about time travel with Eric Newton a senior advisor to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Mr. Newton laid out four points that have defined each generation of news and media one of the most important being that people in their twenties play a key role in inventing news. This point was very relevant to us as journalism students and because the majority of us are in or around our twenties. Newton gave a brief history of the news and media dating back to 1767 and ending with our generation now. Then he took the audience on time traveling trip to the year 2110 and gave his predictions of what he believes the future hold for the media. “You must be crazy,” Newton said to the audience. Throughout his explanation of his “crazy” ideas he mentioned a World War 3.0, which consists of a war that has already begun in the digital arena. Ideas of media implants and computers who talk back finally lead Newton the final point of the future: World War 4.0 humans vs. machines. All of Newton’s ideas were loosely based off of previous science fiction flicks such as “The Matrix” and “IRobot”, which seems so obvious but yet so strange. Newton then went on the end the night with his thought that our generation is “just scratching the surface of the media.” Over all this discussion was very loose and not cemented. I found it hard to take his predictions seriously when he would show us pictures of movies that had already featured this crazy idea. I guess that was the point of the discussion though, to think crazy.

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    I thought the information presented at the Must See Monday was extremely thought-provoking. The concept of a WW3.0 and WW4.0 never occured to me, as it is not something I think about often. Also, the different generations to come after mine opened my eyes to the way the world will change, even while I am still on it. Technology today can seem mind-blowing; however, it will eventually become the norm and new technologies will take over. As a journalism major, I do wonder about the future of my craft. Perhaps journalism created by people in the future is meant to be a work of art, not a necessity vital for survival. Maybe journalism students should concentrate on the creativity of creating works instead of the hard news value. It will be a way to enruch lives, not dictate them.

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    Eric Newton’s talk at tonight’s Must See Monday addressed all the questions and uncertainties about the future of journalism in a way much different than I have ever heard before. Early in the talk, Newton said that the first principle in predicting the future is thinking crazy; not out of the box, but out of this world. Next, he presented the idea that each American generation uses a new news medium. He showed us the way these mediums have evolved over time, beginning with pamphlets during the American Revolution and moving forward in time all the way to today’s mobile and social media and what he called world war 3.0, which would consist of cyber attacks in the digital world. Newton went even further forward, his predictions becoming more and more difficult to imagine outside of a science fiction movie. He presented the idea that technology drives the future of news and that if we, as journalists, do not engage with the technology, we are not engaging our future. The point of the lecture was not to show us that journalism will disappear with the development of such technologies as Bio Media and Omni Media, but that journalism will change. Newton said, toward the end of his talk, that society will always need someone to provide an independent, truthful source of information. This will always be the job of the journalist, even if the way we work changes.

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    I just attended the Must See Monday event featuring Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, discussing “A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110.” Newton gave a detailed summary about past journalistic experiences and models that have proved successful. As we advance into what is known as the “digital age,” people can see, hear, read and listen to the news at any time, Newton said. From the 1600s to the present, journalism has clearly advanced into a vastly technology-driven world. “Is this too much for 20-somethings to handle?” Newton asked. The answer to this question is debatable. At times, I feel overwhelmed with all of the different news and media that is constantly thrown into my face. Whether it is a big, graphic picture on a website or an obnoxious tweet on Twitter, I feel that I can never truly escape the media. Being a journalism student I appreciate how readily available the news is, but I would like choose how often I am exposed to that news. Do we look into the past to predict what the future holds? Newton feels that the answer could be yes. With the fast-paced technological developments made thus far, it seems only fitting that mind-reading robots and computers could be a possibility. Newton used various futuristic movies to demonstrate how ideas from the past were actually transformed into real inventions today. Newton used the famous Star Trek TV series as an example, stating that in the TV show characters used cellphone devices to communicate. Years later, the cellphone was created and later improved, allowing people to regularly check updates and read news articles in seconds. Newton stated that the inventor of the cellphone was actually inspired by the Star Trek devices in his creation of the cellphone. Newton also referenced the movie I, Robot, suggesting that perhaps robots and other inventions in films today could predict future technology developments. Newton emphasized that as technology progresses from past to present to future, how we consume the news will change as well. In the past, all people had were newspapers and now people can access any type of news at anytime from multiple devices. Could robots possibly be our future links to the news? In a seemingly digital world, it is easy to question the availability in the job market for journalists graduating college. However, Newton instilled a little confidence in the young journalist audience, stating that there will still be jobs in the future for journalists. Although most news is displayed on the Internet now, the job market will adapt to future news and media creations and outlets. Finding a successful career as a journalist in the future is simply a question of learning the new modes of communication, Newton said. I really enjoyed Newton’s presentation and I found it very informative!

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    We all read about history in textbooks and watch historical films, but do we really spend the time to analyze and pick up on the minute details that foreshadow events in our future? Tonight’s Must See Monday Speaker, Eric Newton, delivered a very interesting presentation on the topic of how history certainly cannot solve problems in the future, but perhaps can lead to new innovations. In order to accept this notion, I had to be open-minded and follow his advice: think crazy. Mr. Newton presented a series of past happenings, crises, and awakenings, that he proved reoccurs about every 80 years through a series of 4 points: Media, science fiction, patterns, and new media. Mr. Newton was able to take us through a time span of past events and display how they are cycling in our present society. My favorite point of Mr. Newton was how science fiction writers are more accurate than the experts. The main problem with the experts is they are trying to predict future events based on what is already known. They are not factoring in the cyclone effect of past events. Science fiction writers on the other hand have the gift of using their imagination. When people watch science fiction films and shows such as Star Trek, Space Odyssey, and The Jetsons, it is noticeable that they were leading inspirations to making cellphones, the I-Pad, and Skype. All of these ideas were once considered crazy and represented the impossible, but look at where technology is today. Science fiction writers are not that far off from reality. Journalism will never die; instead, technology is just going to have to change. There is no say as to when or how fast these changes will be made, but the advances in the past decade verify the doors are open for people our age to invent the possible.

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    We as journalist must prepare for World War 3.0 immediately! According to Eric Newton who spoke at this week’s Must See Monday, the first war between the non-human forms is imminent. The Digital War is looming, as our cyber armies are currently being built. And,” We are here, right in the middle of it all,” as machines will become self-aware. Back tracking to his opening, words, Newton stated points of our “History of the Future of News: What 1767 tells us about 2100.” One point was that every American generation grows up with a different form of media. We have come from the Age of Visual to our current Age of Digital. It continues to change as Hyper Media emerges and the machines create even more high tech machines at an exponential rate. We will eventually reach, Omi-Media. As I left the lecture with the fear of “I-Robot,” becoming reality in the near future, and of images of mass chaos of iPhones marching humans down the street, I also left with a sense of a mission. “People in their 20’s play key roles in inventing news media.” With that age not too far off, I will face up to that challenge that Newton has set up for us.

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    Tonight we had the opportunity to listen to Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. I found this Must See Monday very interesting because we can relate to it in many ways, especially because our lives revolve around technology and mass media now. I was interested to learn about the evolution and how the media rises through each generation. From the compromise generation, we were introduced to pamphlets. From the transcendental generation, we were introduced to Partisan weekly newspapers and so on. It was nice to see the progress of media outlined and it really helped to put in perspective how media changes throughout the years. Eric Newton also discussed science fiction and how writers go with their imagination. For example; moon travel, geostationary satellites which make the digital age possible, cell phones, and so on. I found Mr. Newton very interesting and intellectual; I enjoyed learning the history and seeing how media has changed over the years.

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    I really enjoyed tonight’s Must See Monday series. I’ve never really had the idea to create my own business, but I thought Dan Gillmore brought up an interesting point when he said that today’s students might have to create their own jobs later – hence the importance of learning entrepreneurship skills now. I was really impressed by the four different “start up” companies the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship students created. Although I’m interested in checking all of them out, I was really fascinated by WatchTree. WatchTree was designed after its two creators had trouble locating volunteering opportunities in their communities (Scottsdale and Gilbert). WatchTree is designed so people can easily locate and get involved with local volunteering opportunities. One of the site’s creators explained how WatchTree will use social media outlets like Twitter to blast updates about new volunteering opportunities, updates and events to all of its followers.I have wanted to get involved with local community service efforts for a long time, but never seem to follow through because searching for opportunities is too much effort, so WatchTree would be a great resource for me! CityCircles, the next company presented, is an innovative company that aims to provide up-to-date news and events based on fixed interest points. They’re currently working on providing information about events and news near the Phoenix Metro Lightrail stops. As a lightrail commuter, I would definitely consider using this website to find events and restaurants along the lightrail stop. Another company, Fictionado, is still a work in progress, but aims to provide people with access to short stories and articles via their mobile devices. The speaker explained that ads for Fictionado content will include barcodes people can photograph with their mobile devices. These ads will be placed on the lightrail, in waiting rooms, etc. so people who have time to kill can conveniently access something short to read while they wait. (Pretty genius idea, I thought). Once people get the barcode on their device, the content they want will be formatted so it can be viewed on their cell phones, Kindles, iPads, etc. Blimee was the last company to be introduced. The speaker talked about “digital signage, a term (I must admit) I’ve never heard of before. Basically digital signage involves the LCD screens that have been popping up in shopping centers, on buses, etc. lately. They usually display advertisements, “spam” as the speaker put it. Blimee’s objective is to incorporate local news onto these screens. News so local that each screen will only display what’s happening within a few blocks of its location! The speaker also discussed how Blimee hopes to partner with local businesses, allowing them to advertise store sales and other opportunities to customers in the area. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to learn about these new companies. Hopefully they’ll take off!

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    Tonight’s Must See Monday was with Eric Newton, the senior adviser to the president of the Knight Foundation, and he spoke about the history and future of journalism. Newton spoke about the history of journalism and how it has developed over time, starting with Thomas Paine’s pamphlets, up until the technology we have in media today. The digital world has been changing so quickly, and it is crazy to think about how much more will change in the future. I thought it was really interesting how shows have predicted and influenced future technology, such as Skype in The Jetsons, and the cell phone in Star Trek. Newton spoke about how different generations have grown up with different forms of media, and it made me wonder how different and even more advanced the technology of future generations will be. He told us that in order to progress, we must watch more science fiction and think of crazy ideas. Overall, I thought this Must See Monday was very interesting, and it gave me a new perspective on journalism and our future.

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    Eric Newton, the senior advisor to the president of the John L. and James S. Knight Foundation is a imaginative and inventive man. During tonight’s must see monday Eric took us on a journey through technology. He started off by speaking about prior technology and touched on how quickly technology has developed in the past decade. He used comparisons from technology projected in the Jetsons to the futuristic cellular device used in the movie star trek. he spoke of current technologies that we americans use today such as Skype, ipads and twitter. Eric Newton went as far as predicting the future of technology. He believes that machines eventually will surpass the capabilities of humans, and that the next major war will not be between people but will be a cyber battle. Technology plays a major role in journalism, this is a topic that has given me anxiety since the day I entered into this field. Newton expressed the importance of journalists and addressed one of the fundamental aspects that I have learned at Cronkite and that is speaking and writing about the truth. This must see monday both frightened me and restored my confidence.There will always be job opportunity in this field. It may not be the traditional pen and paper but you have to want this and work with the technological advances. This world we live in is constantly evolving and if you can’t keep up you will be left behind. Eric Newton was a very interesting speaker and with technology being such a huge part of news distribution this must see monday was one of the more insightful and applicable that I have been to thus far.

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    This week’s Must See Monday was Eric Newton and he spoke on the history of the Future of News and what the past will tell us about the future when it comes to news. To start off, Mr. Newton is the founder of Newseum, which is a very popular website. He has a very impressive resume and began the night by talking about how amazing our school is and how we should be very proud of our school. He started with four points that we should know about when it comes to the news. 1. We are in the digital age and no one knows how its really going to come out. 2. Science fiction is becoming a bigger influence in our society when it comes to journalism. 3. Undiscovered patterns in history of news, every american generation grew up with different form of media 4. People in their 20s play key roles in inventing news media. He then went on to talk about each news age we have been through over time including the visual, language, mass media and digital ages. Next he discussed the main chunk of his presentation, about where media has been and where it is going in the future. It started with the compromise generation of pamphlet news to the progressive generation of the associated press. Society then moved on to the G.I. generation of photography in print and tabloids, to Generation X with tv newscasts, and today’s cyber generation of mobile and social media. He then went on to talk about the future and our society would look like when it came to what kind of media would be dominant. It began with the visionary generation of intelligent media, went on to the hybrid generation of bio media, then the courageous generation of hyper media, and finally the enlightened generation of omni media. Mr. Newton really made me think about what news would be like in the future and how its changes would affect our society. The lecture also made me think that our journalism when it comes to tv news and print was going to become obsolete which made me somewhat depressed because he made it feel like there was nothing we could do to keep our favorite kinds of journalism around. Some of my favorite quotes from the night included, “Think crazy when predicting the future,” “Today we’re jut scratching the surface of the digital age,” and “To get to this future, someone has to shape it.” Mr. Newton concluded the night by sharing 10 things that mass communication majors can do to keep up with our changing society. A few of my favorites included, watch a lot more science fiction, understand the past and present of news, master computer assisted reporting/design and teach digital media fluency, and develop sources for covering world war 3.0. Overall, this was definitely the most interesting must see monday by far, but it also made me worry about the future more than any other lecture, but I’m pretty sure that’s what Mr. Newton wanted us to get out of his lecture. I will definitely start thinking more about the future of news and how I can keep up with it.

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    Eric Newton mentioned we all have to “think crazy—off the planet crazy” during his speech titled “A History of the Future of News: What 1767 tells us about 2110.” Newton definitely sounded crazy as he described stages of future media as Intelligent, Bio, Hyper and Omni. The next one hundred years are supposed to contain artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, media implants, cranial downloads and telekinesis, according to Newton. All this will lead to World War 4.0, humans against non-humans. Newton said 2011 is “just scratching the surface of the digital age.” Personally, I’m fine with the surface. I think where the world is with the media is decent. Newton predicted what new technology will surface based off science fiction, but why is that okay? He concluded with a war. Last time I checked, wars were not something to be looking forward to. Plus, every sci-fi novel or movie that has robots or advanced technology does not end well for humans. Shouldn’t we be trying to avoid that technological extreme? I do think technology has helped society as a whole, and I understand that it will continue to advance throughout the years. However, I feel like a line needs to be drawn or extreme precautions should be taken before experimenting with more media machines.

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    This week’s Must See Monday presentation was about the Digital Media Entrepreneurship. CJ Cornell, the entrepreneur-in-residence, was the one who presented four “ventures” and their innovative media ideas. Before he handed the stage to the students, though, he told about how important certain things were. He said that ambiguity is important because you have to have a vision, you have to take risks, and take ownership, you have to be resourceful. He also said that your innovation has to be scalable. They really try to make people first and he said that the following were really important: 1) motivations 2) behavior 3) emotions. He also said that the future was important because of trends and opportunities. After this short speech, he handed the floor off to Elizabeth who was in charge of the Watch Tree. Elizabeth spoke so fast, she ran through her presentation and I really didn’t get to grasp what her innovation was about. It was something about how community service is made a lot more difficult to partake in than it should and Watch Tree allows people from everywhere to post community service activities and events. She made a good point about how these days if you want to volunteer, you have to rsvp three months in advance and it just isn’t practical. Also, you have to go through expensive medical tests and background checks, and it just gets crazy. She said with her innovation, it makes it easier for people to give back to the community who don’t have the ability to give a high level of commitment. I thought it was neat. The next person was Adam and he actually received the Knight Grant that funded $100,000 of his innovation project. What it is, is a website that gives relevant information to you when you are riding the lightrail. It follows you wherever you go. Say you start out on the transit in Phoenix and you are on your way to Tempe. When you are in Phoenix, the information you receive will be about Phoenix, but once you cross into Tempe, the information will become about Tempe. It allows people to share content.The person after this was Amanda Crawford, who with Andrew Gessell created the idea of Fictionado. Amanda is a journalism student and she thought of how cool it would be to have a website that made it easy for people to do reading on the go through their mobile devices. She said that if you see a poster on the lightrail or elsewhere, you can take a picture of a barcode on the poster with your iPhone or Droid phone and the short stories would just appear on your phone. The idea is still underway and I thought this was really neat. She said that “how we’re reading has changed” and she wants her website to be the “netflics for short stories.” The last person to go was Marius Ciociriam who, oddly enough, is a film major. As CJ Cornell said, he wanted to incorporate a lot of different students into the progam, not just limit it to journalism students. Marius is a perfect example of this attempt. He created Blimee and his idea is that new can be displayed on digital signage instead of a bunch of ads up on huge screens. He wants to be able to show local newspapers on the big screen and he is currently working with Advision Media. They provide the screens for Blimee news feeds. I thought this was really neat and I’m glad I went to the Must See Monday.

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    It was with bated breath that half of the Cronkite School listened as Eric Newton outlined a future too fantastic to imagine. The senior advisor to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and founding editor of the Newseum organization urged students to “Think crazy–not outside of the box crazy, but off the planet crazy,” citing science fiction as responsible for triggering technology we now find commonplace. The inventor of the cell phone, he told us, eyes twinkling, got his idea from Star Trek’s communicators, and don’t forget George Jetson Skyping Jane his wife every day from work.Things soon turned a bit more serious. Newton explored historical cycles in the development of communication technology, revealing the potential for as many as five different major technological revolutions in most Cronkite students’ lifetimes. These would range from the current mobile and social media era, to smart grids and artificial intelligence in 2027, biological media in 2048 (“an augmented reality for us all,” he said), finally ending with Matrix-esque cranial implants in 2069, and warfare between humans and robotic media tools as early as 2090. It was very sobering to realize what change lies ahead for us. Yet as Newton spoke, I realized that many of his suggestions for what to do to prepare were something I’d already done, while others were an ongoing process. I grew up watching Star Trek and The Jetsons, so “watching more science fiction” will not be an issue. “Learning truthful storytelling” is one of the main goals the Cronkite school has set for their students. And “make friends with people who code and learn their language”? Why, I’m doing that one too. But “learn a new digital tool every day” and “invent new story forums”? “To get to this future, someone’s got to shape it,” Newton said. “That gets to be you.”

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    For tonight’s Must See Monday, we had the opportunity to hear what Eric Newton, senior advisor to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, speak about, “A History of the Future of News.” Newton said that journalism is, “a fair and intellectual search for the truth.” He spoke about how we are living in a digital age of media and explained to us communication’s exponential rise. Currently, we are in a progressive news medium, and the age is still rising. Newton said that science fiction writers use their imagination to predict what things and places will look like in the future. A few interesting examples were that the man who invented the cell phone got the idea from the phone used in the movie Star Trek, also in The Jetson’s the first version of skype was introduced. Newton explained that time comes in cycles. Depressions and crisis happens about every 80 years. The cycle of 80 years seems to persist even as information is exploding. Newton said that print media will die and most newspapers will be gone by the year 2047. By 2068, there will most likely be a machine awakening where implants of information could be placed within one’s brain. By 2099, information will be able to be downloaded into one’s brain and even after one dies, the information on the implants lives on. Newton said by this time news will simply turn into whatever we want to know and whatever we can download into our brains. Also, is the 80 year cycle continues, by 2110, World War 4 will occur. World War 4, from Newton’s standpoint will be not country against country, but more like the whole world of human beings against some type of non-human robot or creature. I found this information to be a far reach, but it definitely held my attention because science fiction shows all of these events happening mostly through movies, but it is all up in the air as to what could happen next. From a journalist’s standpoint, I am starting to believe that anything is possible.

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    Victor Medina and Mrs. a former writer for “LA Times” was the speaker he covered many different aspects of the journalism world, both god and bad. The LA riots was one of his first experiences. That had to be very scary. He touched on the ethics of journalism and getting the truth of your story out there and not harming the victim at the same time. But there is really no way to necessarily getting around causing further damage. Also the Rodney King case was brought up and the after effects of that. It all made me think about journalism and my what my goal is. Good thing i don’t play to do touchy stories like these.

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    Tonight’s Must See Monday with Eric Newton was definitely one to see. It was very interesting to learn about how the past few centuries have had such a huge impact on the today’s journalism as well as journalism all the way up to the year 2110. In the last 20 years, news and information has been easily accessible by the entire world and Newton discusses that in the next few centuries any information that is put onto a government computer will be accessible to anybody. Eric Newton discussed the new technologies that have developed and where those ideas may have come from. For instance the cell phone, which was first characterized in the Star Trek series, gave the idea to create such a thing. There are also versions of Skype in The Jetsons and the iPad in the movie 2001. Movies and TV series have shown multiple times that they have ideas that are created years after the movie or show is aired. I enjoyed learning about all the new technologies of the future as well as watching the slides of the patterns of the past and the predicted patterns of the future. Eric Newton’s speech was incredibly interesting and I loved listening to every minute of it. I thought it was so interesting to learn about the future of journalism and the future of news. It was especially interesting to hear about how in the future human memory could be implanted into a robot and people could ask it questions and have the memory answer. Technology will continue to advance every day and I highly doubt it will slow down or plateau. I don’t know that it will go as far as memory being implanted in robots but it will continue to advance over the next few centuries.

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    Tonight, Mr. Eric Newton addressed technology advances and their connection to journalism and each generation. As history progressed, journalism also progressed; from the newspaper era, to television, to the Internet, every generation is connected to a newfound form of journalism. Newton encourages students to “think crazy” and says that in order to predict the future one must think unconventional. For me, this kind of tied into the beginnings of the cell phone. I never knew that cell phones came from Star Trek. With this concept of unconventional thinking, it’s pretty cool to think of all the new inventions in technology that we will have in the future that also spur from random ideas or even something as random as a television show. If these many changes have spurred in media from technology, I cannot imagine the innovations that will change media in the future.

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    hi… Tonight’s Must See Monday event feels like an important one; besides the fact of double extra credit, people here seem generally interested in the lecture taking place tonight. Walking into the First Amendment Forum today, I was shocked to see the mass amount of people crammed among the floor. I am currently stuck up on the third level sitting in a chair taken from a nearby classroom. This shows to me that finally some people may be beginning to care about these events; and if any, this one is the most important. Newton spent the event time frame discussing the entire world of Journalism: from the past to the present and everything in between. It was incredibly interesting to see how far we have come. He spoke of numerous statistics, one of which spoke out to me. It explained that half of journalist students believed there would not be any/or relevant changes in the next five years. Looking back five years ago, we are a completely different world.

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    Eric Newton blew the roof off of the Cronkite institute! His farfetched yet seemingly possible theory of media history left the audience wondering how the movies and shows they watched in their youth predicted the now present future. His words “Science fiction is doing a better job at bridging history than the experts” had the audiences’ gears turning. No matter how crazy Newton’s theory might seem, once one takes a look at the evolution of human communication his ideas do not seem so impossible. We live in a world that has evolved from natural, cyclical, and linear ways of thinking to a world that utilizes a multi-platform broadband connection to stay in touch. The future is not set in stone and he showed us that with our known capability to exponentially increase the speed of communication. It is evident in our past; from pamphlets, to partisan weekly newspapers, to the penny press papers, to the contemporary speed of The Associated Press, as well as in the cycle of awakenings or crisis that some experts say reach back to the dawn of human communication. His words and his evidence piqued at my imagination, raising images of a future where there are no longer humans and machines but a hybrid, a being so intelligent that its only goal is to achieve perfection. Achieve perfection in a cyber world where imagination and battlefronts have no boundaries, where the newest apple technology and the latest fashion trend are simultaneous, where news is where you want it to be and you are where the news is. A world where everyone is a part of the same sentient environment, where mankind is no longer at war with itself but with species that are not of flesh and blood but of gigs and bytes. We have definitely crossed into a new era unlike any the world has ever seen; the possibilities extend beyond the last horizon. We have barely scratched the surface of this new digital age. It pleases me to know that myself as well as my peers are the architect that drives this massive engine of change. We will be the ones who deal with the truthfulness and accuracy of the media, the ones who will master this technology based reporting, evolve with every new digital tool, the ones who rewrite the code of ethics, and the ones who will deal with all the results. It is us that execute the plans that build a culture of continuous change.

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    With all the improvements in technology and furiously growing social media outlets, it can seem as though the world of journalism is changing more than ever. That, however, is not true at all. Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, reminded Cronkite students at tonight’s Must See Monday that our generation is not the first nor the only one to experience such rapid growth in media and technology. He explained that there is a pattern in history that shows a major crisis followed by an “awakening” approximately every 80 years. Looking back, every generation “grew up” with it’s own type of media: our grandparents grew up with the radio, our parents withe the TV, our generation has the internet, and the generations to come will have different ways of communication as well. As scary and unknown as the changes to come may be, Newton stated that it is “basic human need not just to know, but to tell,” so even though journalism is continuing to adapt to its current settings, it will always be around, just in a different way.

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