• 10 Tips to Avoid Cliché s in communications

    10 Tips to Avoid Cliché s in communications It’s not adequate to love each of our story ideas.

    Catchy Titles

    Books which comprise negative influences need to be eschewed. Reading a growing number of books can in fact assist in improving the writing abilities. Studying many a few sorts of novels and publications is among the best and most effective strategies of fostering your writing abilities. The books ought to be rush essay read based […]

    Thesis Composing – a Brief Summary

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    Rewrite My Paper for Me – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

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    Thesis Composing – a Brief Summary

    Analyze looking for a person to write my exploration. Must you will need dissertation guide, you’ve visit the correct location! In such cases you’ll be interested in an authority who isn’t only very good about them but an excellent thesis article author. The really important component that you want to do can be to look […]

    Rewrite My Paper for Me – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

    How to Get Started with Rewrite My Paper for Me? If you’re in the internet area and on the lookout for a chance to earn from this subject then it’s very difficult because of high competition for these opportunities. My experience is merely mine, also. Massive action is little and consistent efforts for a long […]

    Concrete realities, Creation and Cite It 4 Me

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    Getting the Best Evolutionary Biology

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    What Does Article Analysis Example Mean?

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    In the words of Eric Newton, “we need to think off the planet crazy” in order to move forward into the future. It is almost scary how the movement of technology has evolved in such a short amount of time. When you really think about it cell phones and apple products of today have essentially taken over our world in a matter of a few decades. In a world where the consumer is always wanting more and the inventor can never make his or her invention “perfect” our technology will never stop evolving. So when do we begin to put limits on our evolution? Will monsters that were once a fragment of one’s imagination run our future society? I can only hope that our future generations will not succumb to the desires of wanting more. Although the latest technologies are what we see as a way of survival, I think that following the cycle of crisis and inventing such “off the planet crazy” technologies such as cranial downloads, media implants, and newsbots may be taking our constant progression a little too far. There will come a time when the cycle must be broken to keep our society well…a society.

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    Watching “The Pelican Brief” Wednesday night was quite suspenseful because I never knew what would happen next to Darby Shaw. The government was out to get her while at the same time she would disguise her very own image. I found it interesting that people were out to get her just because of something she had written. It showed me that people need to watch what they say or do because one day it can go out to the public and there might be consequences. You never know who is out there watching. Though I still have to give Darby Shaw credit for staying strong until the end. It seemed to me that she kept her head up high throughout the movie with her own beliefs even though she would be hiding. I also liked this movie because it was also another type of genre from the other movies I have seen on Wednesdays. Suspenseful movies always keep me thinking on what is going to happen next.

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    It was with bated breath that half of the Cronkite School listened as Eric Newton outlined a future too fantastic to imagine. The senior advisor to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and founding editor of the Newseum organization urged students to “Think crazy–not outside of the box crazy, but off the planet crazy,” citing science fiction as responsible for triggering technology we now find commonplace. The inventor of the cell phone, he told us, eyes twinkling, got his idea from Star Trek’s communicators, and don’t forget George Jetson Skyping Jane his wife every day from work.Things soon turned a bit more serious. Newton explored historical cycles in the development of communication technology, revealing the potential for as many as five different major technological revolutions in most Cronkite students’ lifetimes. These would range from the current mobile and social media era, to smart grids and artificial intelligence in 2027, biological media in 2048 (“an augmented reality for us all,” he said), finally ending with Matrix-esque cranial implants in 2069, and warfare between humans and robotic media tools as early as 2090. It was very sobering to realize what change lies ahead for us. Yet as Newton spoke, I realized that many of his suggestions for what to do to prepare were something I’d already done, while others were an ongoing process. I grew up watching Star Trek and The Jetsons, so “watching more science fiction” will not be an issue. “Learning truthful storytelling” is one of the main goals the Cronkite school has set for their students. And “make friends with people who code and learn their language”? Why, I’m doing that one too. But “learn a new digital tool every day” and “invent new story forums”? “To get to this future, someone’s got to shape it,” Newton said. “That gets to be you.”

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    Before Eric Newton started talking, I had no idea what the title “what 1767 tells us about 2100” meant. I found his timelines of the different eras very interesting and I he did a great job explaining all the different evolutions of journalism and not only how much it has grown but also how much it will continue to grow. I found his correlations between the wars particularly fascinating and the World War 3.0 will definitely be something to look out for. I also enjoyed his advice for future journalists; he was able to put a serious and humorous twist on each of his points. My favorite part however was when he talked about we always say journalism right now changing more than ever when in fact it has been changing constantly ever since 1767. There will always be something that one generation never had to worry about or something that one generation missed because new methods are always being invented and changed.

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    The Must See Monday presented tonight was unbelievable. Eric Newton, presidential advisor of the Knight Foundation, spoke about the progress man, as a species, has made since 1767. He organized the presentation based on innovations and their respective impacts on the world. Mr. Newton stated that a crisis occurs approximately eighty years, a shockingly accurate statement. He also said that all the advancements in technology, as beneficial as they may be, ultimately would lead to WW3.0. Newton also pointed out how current devices were conceived in past media: Skype from the Jetsons, cell phones in Star Trek, and concepts for future cityscapes. However, from this will arise WW4.0, humans vs. robots: the ultimate showdown and the cliché science fiction theme. Such a possibility is scary to consider, because 2040 is not that far away. Newton reassured us that there are 7 billion reasons none of it will happen. It still did not settle the mood because he ended the presentation with “it’s crazy, so it just might happen.”

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    Tonight Victor Medina, a former writer for the “LA Times”, and current senior correspondent and special projects editor for Reznet, and Ina Jaffe, a national desk correspondent for NPR, discussed their experience and feelings about covering communities in crisis.I came into the lecture unsure of what I was going to learn about and whether it was going to interest me, but I came out of it with valuable knowledge on how a journalist can walk the tight rope between connecting emotionally with a grieving interviewee and maintaining professionalism. From the stories that Mr. Medina and Mrs. Jaffe told regarding their experience, I’ve realized that a reporter must have patience with their interviewees, understanding of their current sorrow and the ability to earn the trust of the people being interviewed, which is something that takes time and compassion to receive. I know being able to maintain my composure and professionalism if assigned to cover a person or community in mourning after a tragic event would be extremely difficult for me, but I’m glad I had this learning experience to get a glimpse into how a few veteran journalists have learned to deal with these difficult situations through trial and error.

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    The weeks Must See Monday is quite special. It features the “History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells us About 2110”. The intro was done by Dean Callahan. And then Senior Advisor to the Knight Foundation Eric Newton started going over how things from the past influence the future. For instance, the T.V. show “The Jetsens” came up with the idea of skype long before it was real. Newton then went to look at cycles throughout history such as World War 3.0 that is possibly soon to begin. “Cyber space is an arena for war”, Newton stated. If the cycles in history continue then we can expect technology to grow into something unimaginable. Our future could hold things such as having “newsbots” or having real conversations with your computer. With this new influx of technology old media will be sure to fall away into the past. “What’s next?”, Newton asked? The answer is bio media with augmented reality, media implants and nanotechnology. Newton continues to explain that 80 years from World War 3.0 there will be a World War 4.0 of humans v. a nonhuman entity. “Today we’re just scratching the surface of the digital age”. This quote is so true. Our future is rapidly approaching and it is up to us to shape it. Newton continued to explain what a journalist should do with this rapidly growing field. Journalists used to be able to just write on paper with ink and send it out to the world. Now we type up our information and send it out or broadcast our information to thousands over the television. So what is a journalist to do? Keep up with the times in this sea of technology. “Happy Sailing”.

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    This Must See Monday’s Speaker Series featured Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. He highlighted “A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110.” Newton used history to explain and predict the future for journalism. First, he stated we must accept the fact that we are in a digital age and no one knows what is going to happen next. Every generation is growing up with different forms of media. Continual technological advances create new outlets for news, making all future generations expect different things. “We predict the future based on what we know,” which is wrong because it doesn’t open up the possibility for new ideas to come. Another interesting factor in predicting the future, is looking at Science Fiction. Because this genre dreams up new possibilities, it doesn’t limit the imagination. For example, Skype, cell phones, and the iPad were all used in science fiction entertainment decades ago. What Newton predicts for the future, is that print will die, artificial intelligence and robotics will rise, and that media will become conversational. Information will become even more public and accessible to everyone. After that will follow “Bio Media”, or actual media implants that don’t require separate gadgets. “Hyper Media” will follow that with actual cranial downloads that are delivered straight into your mind. “Omni Media” finishes it off with thought projection and telepathy. This lecture was extremely thought provoking and enlightening in expanding the horizons that media will possibly one day stretch into. It is mind blowing to fathom the ideas Newton suggested, yet they are all entirely possible.

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    In crisis situations, reporters have two responsibilities. The first is to get the story. The second is to get it without causing any further damage. As Ina Jaffe said, “When you walk into these situations, don’t make it worse.” She furthered that it also isn’t the job of the reporter to make things better either. We aren’t social workers, she said. However, journalists can’t get the information we need for a story unless we behave a certain way. If we act like automatons, our subjects won’t talk to us. However, if we are too sympathetic to our subjects, we interfere with the story and cross professional boundaries. If there is anything I learned tonight, it’s that reporters walk a fine line between their professional duties and their duties as a human being when covering crises. This balancing act seemed to have taken a toll on both speakers. Jaffe said that she would often bury the emotions and not cry about them until a week after they ended. This is the sort of trauma characteristic of disaster victims or relief workers. I never thought that the same thing would apply to reporters.

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    Eric Newton’s presentation on the history and future of journalism was surprisingly interesting. In it, he painted a stark picture of not only the future of journalism, but also the future of the world and how it relates to the journalistic profession.Newton listed the history of journalism, as well as the theory that a new brand of media evolves with every passing generation. From the pamphlet age to our current digital media juggernaut of an existence, one can definitely see the cyclical nature of journalistic evolution. But Newton didn’t simply stop at the current age. Instead, using predictions from “The Singularity is Near” and similar books, he applied the technological outlook to journalism. With the advent of new robotic organisms and faster, more instant global dissemination, the future speed and reach of news will only expand.However, I believe the human element will fall by the wayside in the relatively new future. While the ability to deliver the news will speed up, the same can be said of how humans wish to receive the news. Long drawn out explanations will no longer be desired. They barely are now. Journalists role will decrease. People will want the information, and at most they will look to experts for analysis.

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    This week’s Must See Monday,”A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110,” featuring Eric Newton who discussed his theory on the changing world of media. He detailed how the media changes form one generation to the next; from the Compromise generation to the Cyber generation. Also, his lecture focused on the fascinating predictions people made and the actual changes that occurred. It is amazing how so many people stayed inside the comfort zone of logical reason and would not dare step out into the unknown. The future is right around the corner and is coming closer as time ticks. Newton says the future is for those who “Think crazy!” The science fiction visionaries who are not afraid to take risks and be laughed at by the inside the box thinkers. His lecture was inspiring because it gave permission to be creative and have non traditional ideas. The world of media is changing quicker than it ever has before and in order to stay current one has to constantly be on the edge and try new things. This is where it leads into one of his great topics of the night, an educational “Next Big Thing” think tank! I think that is an excellent idea and should be implemented at the Cronkite School. How amazing would it be to have the best journalism students in the country spearhead an idea and network it across the country and the world. It will give students a new sense of ability and entrepreneurship. Eric Newton was a fascinating speaker and I look forward witnessing and being a part of the next generation of the media.

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    Whenever I was lucky enough as a kid to catch a rerun of The Jetsons, I always fantasized about how wonderful it would be to live in such a futuristic society. Tonight’s Must See Monday has officially changed that for me. Eric Newton, senior adviser of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, was the speaker of this event. His discussion about the history of the future of news explained where the digital age will more than likely take our society next.Newton discussed that the ages that lie ahead for the world will all surround technology: the intelligent media age, the hybrid age, and the courageous age. It seems to me that within these age, there will be little room for the characteristics that made us human in the first place. For today’s lecture in JMC 110, we were to read an excerpt from Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild. What Christopher McCandless accomplished seems to be the exact opposite of the direction that society is headed. In the wild, McCandless was independent of absolutely every societal restraint. With the way technology is shaping our future, it seems as though it will be impossible to live on our own without the dependence of technological advancements. It seems like it might even be a struggle to simply function normally at all.So, sure, in the future (most likely) we’ll be advanced, but will we be happy? We’ll know everything, but will there be room to actually live? Who’s really living if some gadget is feeding us our every thought? Newton explained that in order to get to the future, there needs to be people to shape it. As a journalist, I’m not so sure that I want to take part in the shaping of our destruction.

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    Must See Monday went into the depths of digital media entrepreneurship, and the projects that ASU students have completed. Dan Gillmor and CJ Cornell introduced the concept and four different projects that students have produced, and all proved that many changes to life are possible with new media. Why digital media, and the Cronkite school? This is my favorite topic that was introduced. Cornell talked about how he we are in the second age of digital media innovation, the first was all technology, and now it’s in our hands to change the use and content on in new media. If you look at the first half of the innovation, new tech companies like Yahoo, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have all made major profits with the internet. Things such as a search engine, which seems so simple to us now, changed the way the human race can get information. Now it’s our chance to not only benefit financially as innovative journalists, but help change how people get information and change the world for the better. The four projects introduced show how diverse our projects can be. Anything from community service to information about the light rail community can be used as a focus for a project. Once again, the magic thing about this is that by helping people get news and information these projects also have the chance to be highly profitable. This proves that there are great ways to make money, and that great journalism is adaptable. Must See Monday really implemented the idea to me that the Cronkite School is on to something by giving students the teaching and funding through the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship to make both money and a difference.

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    Tonight we had the opportunity to listen to Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. I found this Must See Monday very interesting because we can relate to it in many ways, especially because our lives revolve around technology and mass media now. I was interested to learn about the evolution and how the media rises through each generation. From the compromise generation, we were introduced to pamphlets. From the transcendental generation, we were introduced to Partisan weekly newspapers and so on. It was nice to see the progress of media outlined and it really helped to put in perspective how media changes throughout the years. Eric Newton also discussed science fiction and how writers go with their imagination. For example; moon travel, geostationary satellites which make the digital age possible, cell phones, and so on. I found Mr. Newton very interesting and intellectual; I enjoyed learning the history and seeing how media has changed over the years.

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    The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication held a conference Monday night concerning entrepreneurship, while introducing four new advances in technology and journalism.The event held in the First Amendment Forum started at 7 p.m with students lining the floors and readily awaiting the conference with their computers and notebooks on hand. CJ Cornell and Dan Gillmor introduced the four speakers that presented their own companies and projects. They each brought new ideas and advances to the correlation between technology and journalism. The first speaker, Liz Smith, spoke about her creation of WatchTree. The program centers on making volunteering easy and fun for those who are interested. She has a website connected to twitter, where people may post volunteer opportunities to make it easier to find for the average person. After working years to get the program up and running, it has been a huge success thus far. “Learning what’s possible is fun,” Smith said. Following Smith’s presentation was Adam Klawonn, to speak about his program CityCircles, which gives specific information about a fixed location. On the website there are six different sections named: news, events, business, network, stuff and let’s fix it. These are all to help the visitor determine what they would like to explore. This website is to help individuals who may have just moved to a certain place. It gives information on what there is in the area and what they can engage in, in that particular location. Amanda Crawford spoke next about her program called Fictionado. It is a website similar to spark notes, but higher tech. Fictionado is a revolutionized way of reading because it puts large texts into shorter texts that are 20 pages or less. In today’s society, there are new technologies coming out such as the Ipad, Droids, etc., and this program makes it easier to read on those devices. With a subscription, people can make their own profiles and even take a picture of the bar code on a Fictionado ad and a story will pop on their technological device. “The technology aspect of this program was a challenge, hell my PowerPoint didn’t even work,” Crawford said. The final presentation was on Blimee, a new program that uses hundreds of televisions around the nation in random places to provide the news and other neat information. The creator, Marius Ciocirlan, spoke about how his goal was to get back to the old days when town criers used to shout the news instead of it being such a hassle to get to it.Their partnership with Advision Media helped to get it across the country to New York City in Times Square. This was a huge achievement, especially starting out as such a small idea. The presentation ended with Cornell taking questions from the audience and thanking the speakers once again. The success of these people is one that every aspiring entrepreneur should have seen.Ciocirlan ended with saying,” Seeing people use your product is the most rewarding thing.”

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    Cronkite Movie Wednesday 10/26I was very excited to see “The Pelican Brief” because it stars two of my favorite actors: Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. I was also told that the movie was a mystery, thriller type of movie and that happens to be my favorite kind of movie to watch. But enough of my personal biases; what is the movie about? Well, the story begins with two Supreme Court justices being killed. JULIA ROBERTS is a damsel in distress when she writes a brief, theorizing what and who was behind the murder of two Supreme Court justices. She ends up crating a theory that seems scarily correct. The brief manages to get into top political aides hands and it eventually lands in the lap of a reporter. DENZEL WASHINGTON is the investigative reporter who sees some merit in her theory and reluctantly decides to offer his help in tracking down the bad guys.This movie had a great plot and Washington and Roberts had a ton of chemistry on screen together. The movie is not the typical popcorn movie; you actually have to watch it and keep up, but I promise it is worth it. Politics, mystery, thrills, chemistry, and amazing actors? This masterpiece is definitely my cup of tea.

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    How would you feel if someone told you there was going to be a world war 3.0 consisting of humans vs the non-humans? Or what if the media is run by artificial intelligence such as robots and smart grids? Well Eric Newton spoke in the First Amendment Forum yesterday and touched on the future of technology with journalism. He talked about how many things were thought up before they were ever invented like Star Trek coming up with the idea for a cell phone, and the Jetsons coming up with Skype. Newton tried predicting the future with the past by finding the similar patterns and this was amazing to me. The whole time, I wanted to hear more and more about how Eric Newton thought about the future and how he went approaching it. It is kind of intimidating know that we are always moving forward and never moving back, and now, it seems like the pace we are doing it at is accelerating. This is the evolution of journalism, and I feel honored to be right in the middle of it, living life on the fast lane. It’s scary to think that one day, people may be able to learn with a chip being installed to our brains, or having possible telekinesis. We don’t know how far technology is moving but we do know it is moving fast and it’s better to stay on top of it before it tries getting on top of us.

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    When Eric Newton first began tonight’s futuristic and completely engrossing presentation, he mentioned just how lucky we are to attend the Cronkite School. It is so fulfilling and reassuring to hear such esteemed professionals in the world of journalism compliment our school and its abilities to produce successful young journalists. Newton even mentioned that we have a Dean with ‘superhuman powers.’ With these powerful words, I felt more motivated to pursue a future in journalism than I ever have before. Often times, critics say that journalism is fading, but after tonight’s Must See Monday event, it seems there is no refuting its future potential. Eric Newton presented an interesting look into the past and predicted future of journalism through mass media outlets and other various forms of communication. I cannot wait to become a part of a generation of innovative individuals who work to make science fiction’s crazy predictions prove to be possible. I am so proud to be a part of what will one day become a significant addition to history’s never ending circle of revolutionary changes in media and communications.

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    Tonight I listened to Eric Newton give his presentation on “A history of the future of news: What 1767 tells us about 2110” Eric Newton is a seasoned and hardworking journalist and is currently the senior advisor to the president of the Knight foundation. During his presentation he outlined some various points including stating that no one knows how the future will turn out, science fiction is doing the best job of depicting the future, and every generation grows up with a different common type of media. Newton talked a lot about the Evolution of Human Communication. Starting with the visual age during 1-2M BC and going all the way through to the 90’s and today with the digital age. Newton noted that communications is on an exponential rise and that we predict the future based on what we know now. He also cited some obvious examples of science fiction depicting the future with Skype on the Jetsons, cell phones on Star Trek, and the iPad on A Space Odyssey. Newton opened my eyes to the fact that each generation comes of age as a different news medium is rising with awakenings and crises occurring every 80 years. This timeline is extremely consistent. I loved his thoughts on the future of digital media and it opened my eyes to many things that were slightly obvious yet I did not realize. I really appreciated this presentation.

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    Victor Medina and Mrs. a former writer for “LA Times” was the speaker he covered many different aspects of the journalism world, both god and bad. The LA riots was one of his first experiences. That had to be very scary. He touched on the ethics of journalism and getting the truth of your story out there and not harming the victim at the same time. But there is really no way to necessarily getting around causing further damage. Also the Rodney King case was brought up and the after effects of that. It all made me think about journalism and my what my goal is. Good thing i don’t play to do touchy stories like these.

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    In this evening’s lecture, Mr. Eric Newton tickled the sci-fi nerd in everyone who attended; I suddenly have the urge to watch James Cameron’s Avatar, but I digress. Newton discussed of the advancement of technology and the media through which humans (and eventually robots) will communicate in a rational but creative way. Newton went through sixteen ages of American Journalism, four of which were hypotheses on the future of technology. The other twelve coincided with eras that I have studied in Principles and History of Journalism. The changes in technology coincide with the evolving traditions of journalism. Something that was not completely addressed in this lecture was the changing principles of journalism in the ages of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, or telepathy. As in-depth as Newton went in the discussion of the evolution of technology, there was not much discussion in regards to how the on-going digital age will affect how the news is reported or written. It might just be up to us, the current students of journalism, to decide how things will be done in the future.

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    Tonight’s Must See Monday invigorated my thoughts for the future and furthered my curiosity for the present. The advisor to the President of the Knight Foundation, Eric Newton, stopped by the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus to present an interesting speech about the digital advancements that are furthering our generation into farthest spaces of the future. From introducing the computers to showing off cell phones to finally advancing into an Apple addicted generation, Newton showed the growth of each of our ages and how we are slowly becoming a completely digital dependent world. Eric had also brought up some new growth in our digital age with some new inventions that included wearable digital media, an enhanced reality and even a digital implant. Throughout his speech Newton also mentioned various predictions cartoons have made, like the Jetsons, with small screens and even Sci-Fi flicks like Star Trek, with cellular devices. Overall tonight’s Must See Monday was extremely thought provoking and showed me how so much of our past has affected our present. Which causes me to wonder, what can be expected of our future?

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    Last night’s movie “The Pelican Brief,” was both suspenseful and intriguing. It is an action thriller that keeps you on your toes the whole time. Two supreme court Justices are murdered and a brief is written by Darby Shaw, who is played by Julia Roberts. This Pelican Brief is passed along to first a college professor then an FBI agent. The Brief contains the names of people in the White House who may have had reason to want the Supreme Court Justices dead. Darby Shaw, along with help from Gray Grantham who is played by Denzel Washington go on am relentless dangerous search for truth. After many near fatal encounters with hit-men and attackers Darby and Gray uncover the true culprit behind the assassinations. I really enjoyed this movie from not only an entertainment approach but a journalistic one as well. Darby Shaw and Gray Grantham provide a great example of investigative journalism. They both hold ethics and truth over everything even given the life threatening circumstances. The movie also demonstrates a kind of inverted triangle approach given that the murders are committed at the beginning of the movie rather than the end. I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s movie choice.

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    The weeks Must See Monday is quite special. It features the “History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells us About 2110”. The intro was done by Dean Callahan. And then Senior Advisor to the Knight Foundation Eric Newton started going over how things from the past influence the future. For instance, the T.V. show “The Jetsens” came up with the idea of skype long before it was real. Newton then went to look at cycles throughout history such as World War 3.0 that is possibly soon to begin. “Cyber space is an arena for war”, Newton stated. If the cycles in history continue then we can expect technology to grow into something unimaginable. Our future could hold things such as having “newsbots” or having real conversations with your computer. With this new influx of technology old media will be sure to fall away into the past. “What’s next?”, Newton asked? The answer is bio media with augmented reality, media implants and nanotechnology. Newton continues to explain that 80 years from World War 3.0 there will be a World War 4.0 of humans v. a nonhuman entity. “Today we’re just scratching the surface of the digital age”. This quote is so true. Our future is rapidly approaching and it is up to us to shape it. Newton continued to explain what a journalist should do with this rapidly growing field. Journalists used to be able to just write on paper with ink and send it out to the world. Now we type up our information and send it out or broadcast our information to thousands over the television. So what is a journalist to do? Keep up with the times in this sea of technology. “Happy Sailing”.

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    We all read about history in textbooks and watch historical films, but do we really spend the time to analyze and pick up on the minute details that foreshadow events in our future? Tonight’s Must See Monday Speaker, Eric Newton, delivered a very interesting presentation on the topic of how history certainly cannot solve problems in the future, but perhaps can lead to new innovations. In order to accept this notion, I had to be open-minded and follow his advice: think crazy. Mr. Newton presented a series of past happenings, crises, and awakenings, that he proved reoccurs about every 80 years through a series of 4 points: Media, science fiction, patterns, and new media. Mr. Newton was able to take us through a time span of past events and display how they are cycling in our present society. My favorite point of Mr. Newton was how science fiction writers are more accurate than the experts. The main problem with the experts is they are trying to predict future events based on what is already known. They are not factoring in the cyclone effect of past events. Science fiction writers on the other hand have the gift of using their imagination. When people watch science fiction films and shows such as Star Trek, Space Odyssey, and The Jetsons, it is noticeable that they were leading inspirations to making cellphones, the I-Pad, and Skype. All of these ideas were once considered crazy and represented the impossible, but look at where technology is today. Science fiction writers are not that far off from reality. Journalism will never die; instead, technology is just going to have to change. There is no say as to when or how fast these changes will be made, but the advances in the past decade verify the doors are open for people our age to invent the possible.

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    Eric Newton presented a great Must See Monday that begged me to reflect on my own thoughts about the future of journalism and technology in general. Tonight’s lecture in the First Amendment Forum started first with a discussion of the past. Newton went over the evolution of journalism and the cycles that it has gone through. It was so interesting that he compared it to a cyclone, as it is “always turning and always moving forward.” It was also intriguing that Newton called this age “World War 3.0.” Comparing the predictions of what New york would be like in 1999 to what it really is like was also something that captivated my interest. It truly goes to show us that although we can predict the future, it is never certain. As the saying goes, the best way to predict the future is to create it. Tonights presentation left me fascinated at the possibilities for the future.

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    I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s Must See Monday for a while because I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the presentation around the Cronkite school lately. Like I had hoped, the featured speaker did not disappoint.Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, covered a timeline of journalism from 1767 to 2110. As journalism students of the digital age, we are constantly hearing that we are in a new age of media coverage. However, Newton assured that every American generation since the American Revolution has lived with a different type of media on the rise. He said it is a pattern; journalism is constantly changing. During the American Revolution, pamphlets such as Common Sense were the newest form of media. Since then, different forms of media including the Penny Press, Associated Press, telegraph, radio, TV, magazines and the internet have transformed the way journalists cover the news. Newton explained how the people find new ways to be heard with every generation.According to Newton, we are currently in the middle of World War 3.0, the war of the digital age. Last year the government declared that the web is officially in a cyber war. Since the rise of the internet, the news has become more personal, portable and participatory. Newton predicted that the media of the future will become even smarter and will continue conversation through computers, newsbots and newsdrones. The future of media will be a time where individuals will be able to experience anything on the planet as if they were there, and as long as a newsbot was there. Everything will be available to anyone all the timeAs the media continues to transform with each generation, someone has to shape the future. Newton asked, “Is that too much for 20-somethings to do?” then responded, “I don’t think so.” Newton’s hope for the future of journalism makes me look forward to the new media innovations that lie ahead.

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    Mr. Newton began his lecture by explaining the beginning of news. He in gave a detailed description of history’s “first ever” news story. After quickly summarizing the history of media Mr. Newton reached the topic which we had all come to learn about, the future of media. Our desired major is such a rapidly changing field few if any have an idea of where future media may go. Mr. Newton informed us that there will most certainly be a time in which the print newspaper completely drops out of existence. From that point the world will engage in an all-out cyber battle which Mr. Newton called “World War 3.0.” In around one-hundred years Mr. Newton mentioned something known as the singularity. The singularity is very similar to the Matrix. Not only will it eliminate a need for schools but for newspapers and television news and many other forms of media. With the singularity humans are basically able to plug in and over night or in a matter of minutes learn whatever they please. The future in my opinion is somewhat troubling. However, Mr. Newton encouraged his audience and provided tips on how to embrace the future of media and potentially prosper in our ever changing field of profession.

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    Four graduate students showcased their innovated digital media ventures Monday night at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications.The four ventures presented in partner with ASU’s Knight Center for Digital Media and Entrepreneurship were “The Watch Tree”, “City Circles”, “Fictionado”, and “Blimee”.The first people to the podium were CJ Cronell, the Knight Center director, and Dan Gillmor, a professor, who introduced the students and talked about the importance of entrepreneurship to create new ideas in a community.“As an entrepreneur you have to have a vision and ownership,” Cornell said. “You have to innovate in a particular area.”One of the projects that night that pertained specifically to citizens who ride the Metro light rail was “City Circles” by Adam Klawonn.“City Circles” is an innovated way for users of the light rail to receive mobile uploads on what types of activity is going on around at every stop, such as, job opportunities, local events, and daily news. “We’re creating content…and sharing content with people who live in neighborhoods around the rail,” Klawonn said.The Knight Center won the 2010 President’s innovation award from Arizona State University this year.

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    This week’s Must See Monday speakers discussed, enlightened and showcased work done in the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship. Four students presented their projects that were sound not just in technology but in concept as well. From a service that gives geographic information (including things to do, restaurants, and other local businesses) around city light rail stops to a service that allows you to digitally access short stories on the go, all of the projects were rooted in the students’ passions but were executed through advanced technologies. But these ‘projects’ are more than just projects. They are business ideas—start-ups—that could shape the careers for any one of these four individuals. They are services that could serve communities. They are entities that these students felt were lacking in current society. CJ Cornell, appropriately titled entrepreneur-in- resident with the Knight Center, pointed out that these students represent the new kind of entrepreneurs; those that he argues will dominate the second half of the digital media age. He said the technologies, though constantly undergoing improvements, are in place and now it is up to the content providers to use these technologies to convey compelling, poignant information to the wide audience that these mediums draw. Cornell spoke about entrepreneurship with fervor—a fervor that can sometimes be lacking from journalists in this transitional time. Entrepreneurship to me was chasing steadfastly after a dream no matter how practical it may be (maybe that is the starving artist in me rather than the entrepreneur). Cornell conceded however that it isn’t entirely about living your dream. He said it’s more about having a vision, taking risks, and having ownership of your product. You have to constantly be an innovator in one area or another. Together these produce not only a paycheck for you but a paycheck for 100s of people. In whatever path my career ends up taking, I know these words will stick with me and remind me to utilize my creativity, think innovatively and take risks, equally unafraid of failing as I am unafraid of succeeding.

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    ?Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, led the Must See Mondays lecture, “A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110,” and made some dubious points about the gradual change in media and journalism. He began the chronological tour of the ever-changing media world with verbal communication, then upgraded to the pamphlet; penny press; the telegraph until we  arrived to where we are today—helplessly occupied by our cell phones, iPads, televisions and computers. He touched on how early popular TV programs helped the creation of many of the devices we have the opportunity of using. The Flintstones had its version of Skype, where its characters were able to communicate via video, and Star Trek unveiled the planet’s first cell phone. These out-of-the-box inventions backed the words of Newton, when he said we must think “crazy and out of this world,” when moving forward in this digital age.

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    Today Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, spoke out to the public about history and the future of news. Specifically what 1767 tells us about 2100-2110. He eagerly told us that as Cronkite students we are attending the only University that is a two time winner for media innovation from the Knight Foundation. The lecture proceeded into how one may know what will happen in the future, especially to a year so far away like 2110. People in their twenties currently play key roles, people like us. Every new generation creates new news media outlets. Ever since the American Revolution, all throughout civil war and the third awakening, new medias have developed. From pamphlets to the world wide web the news world is evolving. In order to keep developing and opening our minds to newer and more intelligent ways of learning and experiencing news in our world we, as journalists, must do a number of things. We must be more creative, have truthful storytelling, watch more science fiction, understand the past and present of news etc. Basically, we must think of crazier and grandiose ways to further the development of news media in order to progress in the future.

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    Eric Newton, the senior advisor to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, discussed the changing face of the future of news as part of the Muse See Monday speaker series. Newton discussed how in order to really understand how the future will shape up, you must think crazy. Newton then showed various slides and graphs that showcased the different forms of news from 1767 to 2110. Newton’s projections of the future of news may seem strange, but thinking crazy, his conclusions truly make sense. Newton discussed the numerous types of news stubbornly creeping into our futures, such as intelligent media, bio media, hyper media and omni media, all of which contain a vast amount of virtual wonders. Although at first it seems frightening that “World War 3.0”, a battle in cyberspace, is most likely going to break out, Newton emphasized how our country is effective at winning wars, and from this war, we can build news institutions and strong societies. Overall, I was especially intrigued by Newton’s presentation about the future of news. I definitely can see where he is coming from, and I believe that some of these drastic changes are definitely due for our current media.

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    “It’s definitely crazy…so it might happen. Today we’re just scratching the surface of the digital age.”Eric Newton of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, spoke to us tonight about the future of journalism: “A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110” and what we can supposedly expect in the years to come. His words were vivid, engaging and, at times, frightening. His presentation reminded me of the idea of a “literary journalist” like we learned in JMC110 earlier today. The world is always changing and journalists must change with it. In his prediction (along with the Newseum) by 2090, we will be in an Omni-Media state. With thought projection and telekinesis. Following the machine takeover. As fictitious as this sounds, his findings found that every 80 years there is a “great awakening,” or a great crisis/new war. While we are in the “multi-media” era, there is much more to follow, including the World War 3.0, an online, media war. I found this Must See Monday quite interesting and also scary. The world changes in an instant and I hope that the human race/journalists will be able to keep up.

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    Eric Knewton is a Senior Adviser to the president of the John S and James L. Knight Foundation. He explains that no one can tell the turn out of the digital age, science fiction equals big influence, each American generation come of age as a different news medium is rising, and people in the 20’s play a key role. We predict the future based on what we know. Eric tells us that every 80 years a crisis and a great awakening known as the light bulb, telephone, and film. He explains that the future is going to play a big role in the media. Also how there is going to be a World War 4.0 humans against non-humans. He is basically predicting the future of technology and what our world is going to become. For example, in the years 2027-2047 intelligence medias generation: visionary, cloud smart grids, robotics, and artificial intelligence. So all media will be smart, news bots, and universal data. Technology is taking over more and more every day.

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    “A History of Future News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110” with Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation This was probably the most intriguing Must See Monday I’ve been to by far: it was very unique, and the theories speculated in this presentation are quite frightening to think about. In this presentation, Mr. Newton had talked about the exponential growth of technology, and how that will affect the way we pursue information and the way we work as Journalists. He talked about how much Journalism has changed in the last ten years alone, and how interconnected the world is, especially with the use of cell phones. He also mentioned how technology would take off from here: soon, technology will not just be a companion of ours, but it will develop to be a part of us. He compared this and other development to the things seen in SciFi movies, and how we already see technology from those movies used in our lives today (like Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Wireless World”, whose work included a space shuttle in it before even Sputnik was launched). Mr. Newton said to keep an eye on Science Fiction, as it may hold many ideas we will see in the future, like cyborgs and such. Personally, I believe not that SciFi predicts what our future has in store for us technology wise, but gives a challenge for inventors, to strive and make fiction into reality. If they continue to do this and continue to push the world forward in technology, I wonder what that means for the future of Journalists. Would our occupation be needed? Will the average person with these new technologies ( in the future) take on the position of Journalist, thus no longer making it an occupation? I suppose that we can only wait and find out.

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