A wedding dress may be one of the most important and invaluable garments you ever own. Here at Beaucare we understand the significance and sentiment of your bridal gown – that is why we always ensure the greatest care is given when cleaning your dress. Not only do we clean it, we store it in a box which will protect and preserve your dress from ageing or becoming damaged.

All dresses are carefully examined prior to being cleaned. We thoroughly inspect your dress for stains and other problems and promise to give your dress all the attention it deserves. We clean all types of gowns including those marked with the labels: dry clean and specialist dry clean only, spot clean only, do not dry clean, (F) and (P).

When storing your dress, we recommend a wedding dress box. Layers of acid-free paper help maintain the shape and protect it from the environment when packed into the box. The box will protect your dress from the effects of environmental contaminants such as dust and UV light that can age, fade and discolour your cleaned dress.